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Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been a staple in every brands marketing tool kit. Optimising your website and content for search allows your target audience to find you, before they see your competitors.

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SEO Services

Search engine optimisation goes deeper than changing a few keywords. Content, image, meta data and more have a drastic impact on your sites ability to be found


67.60% of all clicks on the first page of google go to the top 5 results


Failing to show up on the first page for your chosen keywords limits your reach and ability to receive new traffic. 


Once we have identified your chosen keywords, business goals and products, we can begin to strategize how to improve your SEO opportunities. This also includes other areas like blog writing, which provides another way to bring in more traffic.

Nurturing your website: Appear in front of more users while simultaneously improving your load speed and user experience.

Create a marketing hub: Leverage your website as your main marketing asset, linking back from other content to create a true customer journey. 

Be the first: Stay ahead of the pack and be one of the first businesses that your audience see for the service you offer.

Track Performance: Visual reporting, See your social platforms performance, engagement and post breakdown.


How do you improve my SEO?

Meta Data Optimisation: Working through your meta data allows us to manipulate the way search engines view your page. Increasing the chances of it showing up for specific keywords

Keyword optimisation: A staple of SEO. We work through the keywords on each page to make sure search engines know exactly what your page is about, and who needs to see it.

Site Speed: No one likes a site that takes years to load. We work on improving your site speed so users stay longer, don't bounce to a competitor, and so search engines favour you.

Much more: From image alt text and compression to crawl accessibility and link building - our specialists handle all the technical changes needed.

How we bring you


First Step


We take a deep dive into your brand, products, services and look into your current website’s analytics. Placing ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we see patterns, user journeys and what does and doesn’t work. Then, our SEO specialist begin competitor research and plan how to optimise your site for future success.

Second Step


As an extension of your core team, we look at our current successful strategies and uniquely identify how to shape them to your brand and goals, which means optimising for your brand, services, or products. Your SEO manager will send over their proposed strategy for confirmation.

Third Step


Our SEO specialists gear up their strategy for swift implementation. We’ll coordinate with you on the best time to make these changes on your website, while keeping you in the loop at every stage. Nothing will change without you being aware of it first, while our SEO specialists will run you through why we are making the changes we are.

Final Step


We keep track of your sites performance in the coming months after changes have been implemented. Your analytics will show us how the changes are influencing your SEO, allowing us to optimise further and continuously increase your results. 

Tools such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo and more are the main channels we use to find the answers to our burning questions. We help businesses optimise their websites and content to help the search bots know what you're selling and allow you to be the answer. With good SEO, you can save thousands in on-going media spend and rank for the keywords you desire - organically.

Dan Lee Searle

Free Audit / Review

Unsure how your website is currently performing? Our SEO team can take a scan through your site and analytics to see the good, the bad and the ugly. From here, we can give you some ideas of what we would do before you sign up.

Constant Communication

While SEO may not be your strong suit, that doesn't mean you shouldn't know what's happening. Our SEO team will break down each proposed change and let you know exactly why it is being changed, including the results we're aiming for.

Pay as you grow

We charge a flat management fee to cover our core hours on the account, market research, optimisations and planning. As your following and objectives grow with success and scale, we will review our package to see if you’re ready to increase or if you’d like to decrease! Easy.

3 Month Minimum Term

We don't tie you down into long term contracts. We just ask for some patience to build the data we need. We work for retention, and as a team, we value transparent communication and intense focus, so you know the right people are on the job. If you do wish to leave, we just ask you to give us a months notice. ​

Conversion Tracking

We are data nerds at heart, and our SEO specialists aren't an exception. They'll note what metrics should be tracked, what changes from week to week, and most importantly, identify reasons why they have changed.

Full Optimisation

We squeeze as much value as possible out of our strategies by remaining creative, reactive, and goal-driven. We optimise our SEO strategies monthly. Otherwise, we rework them to utilise your budget better. Optimising is always a continuous process, and we pride ourselves on our adaptability.

Assistance beyond SEO

While our team works on your sites SEO, they will be able to identify areas that perhaps need reworking, including site plugins or set up. These areas aren't always strictly SEO, but they help your business in the long run, and we're happy to help bring these to your attention.

Monthly Reviews & Reports

We know how busy it is to run a business in today's age. So, we have a monthly strategy meeting to get any new news or updates from yourself, and you can quickly get back to the other areas moving your business forward. We'll get a report over to you at the end of the month containing every email marketing result.

Case Studies

Harley Cosmetic came to us when they recently created a beautiful new website but didn’t have much in SEO tutelage. As a result, they were unsure whether their site was set up correctly. A lack of an internal SEO employee meant that this problem would also persist for any future material uploaded to the website – one of these core areas being their newly founded blog section. In an incredibly competitive industry like the cosmetics industry, a high ranking listing on Search can be the most effective source of quality traffic and leads, which is why we implemented a killer strategy.

Request a free audit

We offer all potential new customers a free SEO audit to give you an objective assessment of your current SEO performance. We can take a look and give you an insight into what is going on and how our service may help improve the performance. If we don’t think we can help you, we will tell you.


Once we get access to your website’s analytics, we will arrange of meeting to discuss the results and recommendations.


If you have never run optimised your website for SEO, then let’s jump straight in and have a good chat about your goals and objectives. We can run you through what we would suggest testing and implementing to achieve those goals. Our intro calls are super casual and relaxed, so be as transparent as you can so we can be realistic on what we can do.

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