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Guilt Free Indulgence: Wholey Moly Cookies

Blog content doesn’t have to be boring. Wholey moly is an excellent example of mixing an energetic, engaging tone of voice with educational material to keep readers engaged. Cookie-focused content, written for people, with a splash of SEO thrown in.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

As a cookie brand, Wholey Moly already had an engaging website that would have any viewers mouth watering in minutes. Yet, due to their limited range of products, they struggled to optimise their SEO further than what they already had.


Due to the limitations of their cookie flavours and flavour ranges, they couldn’t capitalise on a vast range of product pages or segment their dropdowns as a service-based business would. Their current strategy was great for ease of use and user experience but created a limited pool for information gathering. And as a Business to consumer (B2C) business, clarity of information is crucial.


They were looking to provide extra insight, not only into their brand but also into their products and what made them as great as they were. This was when we knew blogs would be an impactful upgrade.

The Challenge

What We Did

Wholey Moly already had a great content strategy in place. At the time, we worked alongside them on various other platforms, such as social media. Their knowledge of the digital landscape meant that, as a brand, they were already covering the areas they needed to be.


Thus, implementing blogs was a no-brainer, as it allowed us to create rich and evergreen content and leverage another touch point with the other channels we were helping to manage.

By identifying and understanding searcher intent, we create long-form content that answers some of WM’s most asked questions. Once crafted, we formatted this content for search engines without compromising the tone of voice. Doing so required us to create a blog page from scratch and optimise/identify keywords, topics and ideas within the allocated budget.


Working alongside the WM team, our writers captured the essence and tone of what makes WM unique to create a blog where consumers can learn about the brand, the industry and the products engagingly.

The conception of any strategy requires multiple steps and careful consideration of different viewpoints. Before starting any project, our team considers the best avenues given the client’s unique starting point.


As such, our processes can vary depending on the client’s current marketing, level of quality, frequency and channel choice.


Below is our process for this particular project:


Perfecting the Tone of Voice

A monotone blog post is a struggle to read.


When something is void of personality, a robot might have written it. Wholey Moly has such a distinct, engaging tone of voice that we knew we needed to preserve it entirely while writing.


While we had worked on other content with them – social posts and ads – neither included the longevity that long-form content does. As such, ensuring the tone was present throughout the blog was essential. To do so, we created a few drafts on various topics and worked on a series of internal edits, marking particular sections where we thought we could make it more “Wholey Moly”.


While this process took more upfront time, it allowed our writer to grasp how best to implement their tone of voice throughout the content and ensure that the language and vocabulary used were uniform with the other channels, which they weren’t actively working apart of.


This consistency is what makes brands stand out in the market.


Topic Curation

The online world of recipes is vast and dominated by content mills and individuals looking to rank for very challenging keywords specifically. Finding an opening within this market would be difficult, especially given WM’s relatively new digital presence.


Instead, we had to think outside the box.


WM, at its core, was a community-driven brand. It is rare to see a community as passionate about a brand as WM’s audience. Our initial topic curation process started with seeing what their community was asking.


Were there any stand-out questions or things that the community didn’t understand?


Once we had curated and identified these core topics, we began writing with the community in mind. Each post was crafted with humans first – answering the questions they wanted to know and learn about.


This also meant creating something fun to read first, then something that can rank second.


Writing + Blog Management

Our blog writer would complete the original draft and then make a series of amends:


First Amends: Targeting the Wholey Moly tone of voice
Second Amends: Targeting SEO optimisation


We found that after one or two posts using this process, the post naturally included both during the first draft. However, this process is essential when starting a new project as it ensures brand consistency.


Before uploading, we would pass the content over to the WM team to check and sign off, confirming that the content hit the mark on relevancy and quality.



Analysing post success for a recently created blog is always challenging. Blogs generally take a significant time to rank unless you are a well-established and credible source.


While part of our process includes optimising for search engines, the time they take to index the page and show it to the world is mainly out of anyone’s control. Thus, our team focuses on looking forward – selecting new topics that will aid in WM’s ability to rank and cover burning questions by their community.


Doing so ensures we always have a topic for the next post. An additional benefit of doing this is that the client is free to suggest post topics without any conflicts with our schedule; we can simply move the topics we have prepared later in the chain of uploads to make room.

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Wholey Moly

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