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Guilt Free Indulgence: Wholey Moly Cookies

Blog content doesn’t have to be boring. Wholey moly are a great example of when educational content meets a tone of voice that flips it on its head. Cookie focused content written for people with a splash of SEO.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Wholy Moly has an engaging website that eloquently displays their new cookies, upcoming flavours and more. Yet, Wholy Moly struggled to find ways to optimise their SEO further than what they already have. Due to the limitations of their cookies, they aren’t able to have multiple independent pages like an e-commerce site would have or a service-based business. As a B2C business, conveying information clearly and concisely is essential. At the same time, Wholey Moly wanted to provide extra insight into their brand and look for ways to add more value or educate outside of the realms of social media.

The Challenge

What We Did

Blog posts are invaluable when looking to create evergreen content that can be reused for other platforms. By identifying and understanding searchers intent, we created long-form content that answered some of Wholey Moly’s most asked questions. We then formatted this content to have the best chance of success with search engines. This required us to set up a blog section from scratch and optimise & identify keywords, topics, and ideas within the allocated budget for this project. Working alongside the Wholey moly team, our writers captured their brand tone of voice and created an engaging area where consumers can learn more about Wholey Moly, their brand and the industry.


Perfecting the Tone of Voice

No one likes to read a one-tone blog post that feels like a robot created it. Yet, Wholey Moly has such a distinct tone of voice, so much so that we needed to ensure we preserve it entirely while writing. To do this, our writers created a few mock-up posts, and we went through a series of internal edits to ensure we were all familiar with the vocabulary use and overall feel of the post.


Topic Curation

The online world of recipes is vast, so much so that it would be close to impossible to rank for the same topics that relate closely to Wholey Moly’s brand. We had to think outside the box and instead turned to the community Wholey Moly had built to see what questions were being asked. Once we had identified a few topics, we began writing with humans in mind first. This meant creating something fun to read and answering the query; then, we moved on to SEO edits to give search engines a bit of flavour.


Writing + Blog Management

Once our writers completed the posts, they went through a series of internal edits, which allowed us to optimise the content for search. Once we had finalised our amendments, we passed them over to Wholey Moly to check. These checks ensured we encapsulated the brand and that all the information needed to be in the post was.



Unlike many other forms of marketing, the analytics for blog posts take some time to gather. Search engines will index the content in their own time and begin passing it around and showing it as a relevant page to specific queries. Instead of being bogged down in analysis, our writers continuously check industry news, customer questions and client updates to create a list of topics that we can cover in future content. Meaning we always had topics on hand for Wholey Moly’s next post.

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Meenesh Mistry
Wholey Moly

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