Talking Search: Harley Cosmetics

Search Engine Optimisation allows you to rank competitively organically. Get on your search engine providers good side and provide quality and relevancy throughout your website. Harley Cosmetics’ website got the loving treatment it deserved.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Harley Cosmetic came to us when they recently created a beautiful new website but didn’t have much in SEO tutelage. As a result, they were unsure whether their site was set up correctly. A lack of an internal SEO employee meant that this problem would also persist for any future material uploaded to the website – one of these core areas being their newly founded blog section.


In an incredibly competitive industry like the cosmetics industry, a high ranking listing on Search can be the most effective source of quality traffic and leads.

The Challenge

What We Did

After our initial conversation, we completed a full SEO technical and copy audit. Our specialists worked alongside HCL to ensure the foundation of their site was SEO proofed. We also thoroughly evaluated their keywords and conducted keyword research independently to implement relevant key terms, thus improving organic rankings. This was an extensive process, as HCL were located in a significantly competitive geographic location. Optimising the site to rank well locally was crucial to the long term success of the website.
Following this, we worked with HCL on a monthly consultancy basis to oversee the content they created and ensure that all SEO strategies were implemented into all site content.

The ultimate goal is to be found organically online. To rank high on the SERP without ads and encapsulate your desired demographics purchase. But first, learn how to speak to the Search bots.

Dan Lee Searle


Initial Audit

Harley Cosmetics London has a bunch of complex cosmetic treatments and services that require their own keywords and relevance triggers to ensure we are ranking for the right reasons. In a very busy industry, in one of the most sought out areas on the planet for cosmetic service, We had to plan thoroughly. Through initial industry & competitor research, We developed a full in-depth SEO audit to see where we needed to refine and optimise. 


Technical SEO

When receiving the new website, we soon found that we would need to implement Technical SEO to ensure that the website was doing what it needed to be doing behind the scenes. A common area to miss when implementing the SEO on a new website is at the backend. After our full initial audit we got planning our Search optimisation strategy on the backend so we can focus on the initial on-page content. 


Full SEO Overhaul

A full backend optimisation is in flow. Integrating the site with the crucial tools such as Google search console and SEM rush to understand the site health and positioning. From our initial research we implement relevant keywords into the copy as well as optimise the meta data (page description and tags) page by page. Using a 105 point SEO strategy the site is fully optimised and ready to be tested.


On-Going SEO Support

After a few months of traffic and initial testing, the site is then evaluated using our on-going SEO support. This deep analysis in the search health of the website helps us discover any errors or links that may be causing damage to the search transparency. We act upon this and continue to support the visibility of the domain alongside new content including blog entries, new product pages and more! 

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