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Building Communities: PerfectTed

Email Marketing is one of the most valuable and cost-effective digital channels to grow sales, retention and strong community loyalty. We worked with an independent Matcha Energy brand that wanted to support their already unique social creativity with equally engaging emails.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

PerfectTed are creative leaders, never shying away from getting in front of the camera to create something their audience will love. They are thriving in the beverage world, being stocked in multiple locations like Holland and Barret to social headquarters like Facebook and LinkedIn. While their audience and engagement were well performing on social, PerfectTed needed a more direct channel to nurture their audience and continue growing their brand awareness. Similarly, this new channel needed to retain the same fun, happy, interactive style as their social content.

The Challenge

What We Did

The team at PerfectTed (PT) were magnificent at ensuring we were never short of engaging content. So, we focused on crafting high-quality, interactive emails that grabbed their subscriber’s attention. Our email manager created custom designs for these emails in Adobe illustrator and took the load off PT by delivering multiple topic ideas each month. Additionally, new automations were created from the ground up to serve various purposes, both for new and upcoming products and to nurture new subscribers. Similarly, previous automations were refined to update them in line with the rest of PT’s current marketing.


Audience Analysis

PerfectTed already had a strong community when they reached out to us, so it was a no-brainer for us to do our due diligence and dive into their audience base and see what they loved. We also noted what they didn’t love and gained some insight into how we could use this knowledge to our advantage for our emails. From there, we revised their current lists, and created more demographically focused lists to help improve future conversions.



Flow Revisions + Creation

After finalising our demographic targetting and audience analysis, we had a firm idea of what design we wanted these new emails to take. We briefly looked at amending PerfectTeds current email designs, but after a brief chat with the team, we decided to design new ones from scratch. From there, we conceptualised numerous email flows that adhered to our specific audience targeting, ready to be signed off and implemented.


Email Flow Implementation

We conducted final checks throughout our flows to ensure we had all bases covered. It’s one thing to get them set up, but another to future-proof their optimisation. Our email specialists implemented each flow and tested each for accuracy and appearance. Implementing each email flow in this way can take considerable time, but it grants us the confidence to know each flow is doing what it’s meant to and is going to the right audience.


Retargeting & Optimisation

We were quickly able to see how our emails were creating an impact. The first two weeks after running these flows, we revisited our set-up and optimised the areas we felt needed additional improvement to push the results even further. Part of running emails is adapting on the fly when analytical data highlights something interesting, and this was no exception for PerfectTed. We continuously made changes to include more of PerfectTeds vibrant personality, tested with personable imagery and new subject lines too. 

Yoke Digital is an incredible partner. They truly feel like an extension of our team. While the work Yoke does is complex, they make digital marketing seem simple! They're experts in their field and very trustworthy. I couldn't recommend them more.

Marisa - PerfectTed Co-Founder

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