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Building Communities: PerfectTed

Email Marketing is one of the most valuable and cost-effective digital channels to grow sales, retention and strong community loyalty. We worked with an independent Matcha Energy brand that wanted to support their already unique social creativity with equally engaging emails.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

PerfectTed are creative leaders, never shying away from a chance to show their unique brand through a camera lens. Currently thriving in the beverage world, their drinks are stocked within the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, Holland and Barret and more.


While their audience and engagement continue to thrive on social platforms, they needed a more direct channel to nurture their audience and grow their brand awareness. Similarly, this new channel had to retain PerfectTed’s fun, happy and interactive style.


With considerations for channels, the budget was a prime constraint. PerfectTed was in the critical stages of their growth, outperforming their competitors with exceptional content and a brilliant product. Their goal was to choose a platform that gave them the flexibility to promote their message the way they wanted to without breaking the bank.


And there was one channel that stood out above the rest.

The Challenge

What We Did

All signs pointed towards email marketing. A cost-effective platform that would allow PerfectTed to communicate one-on-one with their community and push products and exciting updates with the full use of their creativity.


Our email manager created custom designs for each email in Adobe Illustrator and took the load of PerfectTed by delivering multiple topic ideas each month, accompanied by an outline of content their team could film and create. Furthermore, we supported these high-quality, interactive emails with new automations and flows built from the ground up. These automations served various purposes; directing new users through a series to better understand PerfectTed and the product, while another would support and nurture longer-lasting subscribers.


We continued to update these automations and flows based on PerfectTed’s marketing direction, thus supporting their marketing efforts on other platforms.

The conception of any strategy requires multiple steps and careful consideration of different viewpoints. Before starting any project, our team considers the best avenues given the client’s unique starting point.


As such, our processes can vary depending on the client’s current marketing, level of quality, frequency and channel choice.


Below is our process for this particular project:


Audience Analysis

PerfectTed had already spent time curating a solid community when they contacted us. This gave us a slight headstart on grasping what their audience loved about their product, brand, and content they were already producing. For us, this due diligence is essential to fully understand what is already working and what PerfectTed had tried with their audience before implementing new strategies.


Using this audience insight, we revised our current lists and created more meaningful, demographically focused lists to help improve future conversions. We also identified what content to avoid based on previous poor performance.


Flow Revisions + Creation

After finalising our demographic targeting and audience analysis, we turned our attention to the design. We briefly looked at amending PerfectTed’s current email designs but decided to move away from what was in place and move forward with new, optimised email templates designed from the ground up.


These new designs would capture the essence of what makes PerfectTed a fun and engaging brand while being able to deliver the strong call to action that is needed.


We conceptualised numerous email flows and campaigns from there that adhered to our specific audience targeting. These included careful consideration for new subscribers, current subscribers and inactive ones. Once completed, we passed them to the PerfectTed team for sign-off.


Email Flow Implementation

Implementing flows means ensuring accuracy and that they are future-proof in their optimisation. During this process, we double-check each flow follows from its previous one and has a set purpose. Similarly, checking that each email contains a solid CTA and miscellaneous components ensures they don’t need to be updated weekly.


This allows us to move forward with campaigns knowing that the flows work efficiently in the background. It also makes it substantially easier to alter these templates in the future should we wish to include more information in one particular flow.


Retargeting & Optimisation

Optimisation is a crucial component of email marketing. Without it, your emails may no longer be relevant or support your ongoing marketing efforts on other channels. After running both the flows and the campaigns for a month, we revisited our initial set-up and began working on optimisations.


We experimented with various subject lines throughout sending campaigns to test their impact on open rates. When revisiting, we found a subject line structure working more effectively; thus, we altered accordingly.


Part of running email marketing is adapting on the fly when analytical data highlights something interesting. If flows are underperforming, you must identify a potential issue and test solutions. These optimisations allowed us to improve PerfectTed’s results continuously.

Yoke Digital is an incredible partner. They truly feel like an extension of our team. While the work Yoke does is complex, they make digital marketing seem simple! They're experts in their field and very trustworthy. I couldn't recommend them more.

Marisa - PerfectTed Co-Founder

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