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Shine in the Dark: Eat Vive!

85% of online purchases start with an online search. Search is our saving grace for comparison, reviews, more information or alternative options, but standing out from the digital noise is something of an art. Through search, we turned Eat Vive into a piece of art.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

When Eat Vive contacted us, they had just come off rolling out a successful social media strategy. They then set their sites on optimising and improving their traffic and ability to reach new customers from other channels. Within e-commerce, the demographic can come from anywhere, but it is sensible to test/experiment before going headfirst into a new channel to minimise risk.


Being in a very competitive industry, Vive wanted to explore how we could utilise search to touch upon new markets and disrupt an already saturated ocean on protein bar and snack bar manufacturers with huge budgets.

The Challenge

What We Did

Eat Vive had a range of products that created ample opportunities for market expansion, so Google Ads was a no-brainer. Vive gave us control of their ads management platform, where we implemented a variety of advertising formats to test which areas of search were most effective. We had to consider budget allocations and scaling a comfortable return on ad spend (ROAS).


Eat Vive is an exceptional brand with an incredible team. Over the months working with Eat Vive, we generated between a 400-700% ROAS by using various brand/broad campaigns, alongside a strong Google Shopping strategy. This cohesion made this an enjoyable project that reflected in the results.


Keyword and Industry Research

Search is getting more extensive and more competitive by the day. Staying ahead means being reactive and savvy, but how can we do this with Search? Search is an auction with businesses bidding against each other on keywords to appear higher on the search results page (SERPs) and win the conversion (customer purchase). With innovative research, we find the range of keywords businesses are missing while utilising dynamic keywords to get in front of the competition without breaking the bank.


Testing, Testing Testing

We’re cautious with our clients allocated budget. We know how valuable ad spend is for companies of all shapes and sizes, and by testing a range of keywords and ad variants, we solidified our search campaign structures to bid efficiently and get the cost per click (CPC) we desired. Finally, we took extra steps to stay on top of these campaigns. Managing what keywords were triggered was essential, as one mishap could see negative keywords affecting our overall spending.


Explore the variants

Running experimental search advertising campaigns can seem counterintuitive at first; however, we can find your champion advertising format that enables us to see the best ways of utilising your budget. Eat Vive has beautiful and colourful products that stand out from the bunch – using variants such as Google Shopping was a successful contributor to PPC. It showed off their products while comparing them to competitors products.


Keeping it fresh

Google likes seeing consistent optimisation. It tells the platform that you’re continuously looking to improve your ads and make them more relevant and high-quality for your audience. You can inject tonnes of cash into the platform, but if your ads are low-quality or you don’t adhere to their guidelines, your ads won’t be seen. Stay too far from their beaten path, and you’ll be penalised too. We ensured Eat Vives platform has a consistently updated product feed, product descriptions, working links and that the content follows Google’s basic guidelines.

85% of Online Shoppers either start, justify or end a purchase with a last minute online search. As many users require multiple prods of motivation to form a decision. Search is an ocean of information; your rod is no good without the right bait.

Dan Lee Searle

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