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Reach new audiences: Peanut Rocks!

Social advertising can bring so much value to a range of different objectives. One of our favourites was working on the Funky Nut Rocks new flavour launch, which made record sales for the company.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Funky Nut co emphasised the need to differentiate themselves from the heavy competition, especially with a range of up and coming products ready for launch. Funky Nut’s character is one of its most prevalent unique selling points, alongside their product innovations. With a bright new product ready for launch after a re-brand, Funky Nut desired something that reflects their new images and personality.

The Challenge

What We Did

We knew that we had to develop something extraordinary for this launch to represent Funky nut’s personality and tenacity to disrupt the marketplace. After creating an engaged community on organic channels such as Instagram and Facebook, we built warm audiences ready for a full-scale product launch hitting each area of the funnel. Our creatives on this particular project we’re Tungsten Media, incredibly gifted storytellers that mix robotics with magical creative direction. Teaming up with Tungsten Media, we developed multiple variations of the promo to align with the promotional channels and return an incredible new height in results for Funky nut co using social media advertising.


Brainstorming & Conceptualizing

Planning is a crucial step in ensuring any creative resonates with your targeted demographics. Doing so enables you not to lose sight of the brand and products unique selling point. Working together as a collaborative unit, we touched upon our strategies to captivate the core purpose of the videos, which was flavour, colour and originality.


Teaser/Pre Launch

Launching a multistep teaser campaign, we hinted to our communities and new prospects that a new product is coming to market from an independent nut butter manufacturer that many love. We used a mix of warm audiences that we developed over time specifically for exposure to cover all areas of the funnel ready for launch day. Teasing the product helps us deliver user data to use on launch day on stronger conversion focus campaigns.


Product Launch

On product launch day, we developed a range of tested audiences within multiple demographics and areas to push the new product on Instagram and Facebook channels. Over three weeks, we hit a record high in overall sales and sales by product, making peanut rocks the highest selling product in the range overtaking their staple original peanut butter – an incredible launch with great targeting and creative.


Retargeting & Activation

Pushing people through the top and middle of the funnel is crucial but increasing retention and repurchasing is the ultimate goal. Using a variety of retargeting and reactivation methods, we pushed the conversions further by meeting near purchasers down the road with a new offer or by reminding our happy customers that it’s time to stock up. Tailoring these campaigns to succeed based on data is the key to success.

Before we found Yoke we dealt with several ‘guru’s’ and none performed. Since Yoke took over our social media and digital ad spend on Google, FB, Insta etc we have seen an upward trend month on month. And without exageration, we are now taking a 10x increase in online sales.

Julian Campbell
Funky Nut Co

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