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If you’re looking for a marketing partner that truly values what you’re trying to achieve, your future goals & aspirations, and wants to help you get there, then we might be the people for you.
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We founded Yoke on the backbone of strong, transparent communication. Our small team of dedicated marketers have a passion for everything digital marketing. Alongside managing your channels, the team also places themselves in your brand’s shoes, and we treat it like one of our own.


One of our talented project managers will be with you every step of the project, keeping you in the loop while our content managers, ad managers and email marketing specialists work to create some killer content and deliver tangible results.

Meet Our


Hi, I am Dan Lee Searle, and I am the founder of Yoke.Digital. Yoke was birthed in 2018 when I was helping out just a handful of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) find their digital identities. I specialise in Digital Strategy and Digital Advertising across a multitude of channels. I specifically like to find solutions to challenges for business owners of all stages and being a part of that hard-earned growth!

What is Yoke.Digital? Yoke is an opportunity to get a team of skilled, dedicated marketing professionals in one place to manage your core digital channels while you focus on the direction. We are your marketing partners that live and breath Digital Marketing and offer an integrated feel service that works for the brand.

Dan Lee Searle - Founder, Yoke.Digital

Search Advertising

Websites are the best tool you can have in your tool belt, but only if people can find them. Our search specialists create powerful social ads that appear before your target customers, speak directly to their needs and give them everything they need to make a purchase.

Email Marketing

Email stands on its own pillar as one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. Our specialists create an email flow that grabs the readers attention, gets them to click and takes them on a journey that results in more conversions, more sales, and a higher ROI for your business.

Blog Management

Blog content dominates at bringing new traffic to your website, influencing buyer decisions, and sets you apart from your competitors. Our writers capture your brand's voice in every word while creating content that increases your chances of ranking with search engines.

Social Advertising

Users are purchasing products through social media like there's no tomorrow, and all you need to do is get your foot in the door. Our social ad specialists create eye-catching ads that stop scrollers in their tracks and entices them to learn more about your products and buy.

Social Media Management

A robust social media positioning can significantly impact every area of your business, which is why our social media managers grow your social accounts with valuable content, personality-driven engagement and proven community strategies.


Our design team further bolsters our client's online presence through breathtakingly beautiful creative for that extra icing on the cake, with our SEO specialists following suit by optimising all relevant profiles and platforms for long-term success.

Crate to Plate

Educating London with Hydroponic Farming, Fresh & Nutritious Produce and Sustainabe Delivery.
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We worked with an independent Matcha Energy brand that wanted to support their already unique social creativity with equally engaging emails.
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Wholey Moly

Feed the craving, without misbehaving! The incredibly tasty vegan cookie range hitting the market by storm!
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How we bring you


First Step

Research & Scope

We take a deep dive into your brand, products, services and current social channels. Placing ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we see patterns, user journeys and what does and doesn’t work. Alongside you, we get a core understanding of how best to bring out your voice in all facets of marketing.

Second Step


As an extension of your core team, we look at our current successful strategies and uniquely identify how to shape them to your brand and goals. We don’t template our approach but instead analyse how your customers want to interact with you and how we can make that happen.

Third Step


Our specialists gear up each platform for swift implementation with the tone of voice perfected and strategies on hand. We give you the breathing room to be as involved in the process as you want while our specialists put our strategy into place, experiment and grow your channels.

Final Step


After a month or two of analysing, we set our sites on future-proofing your marketing. At this stage, we should have a good idea of your baseline results; from here, we continuously optimise and look to raise that baseline with each following month. We will communicate these ideas in your monthly reports.

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