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Brought into the modern age: The Body Lab

The Body Lab (TBL) is our favourite example of bringing an older website into the new age with a unique bespoke design, expanded and detailed content, and industry-standard SEO optimisation. A website acts as a hub for all things marketing and brand awareness, and with this new site, The Body Lab’s hub is as strong as ever.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

As a state-of-the-art performance and recovery facility, The Body Lab (TBL) needed to break the stereotype of being an everyday gym. Their old site wasn’t doing their premium brand justice. Their site needed a new coat of paint, but one that included the ideals of the brand while optimising for conversions. Similarly, The Body Lab’s services are backed by scientific information and approaches, which weren’t being conveyed through the website, potentially leading new users to draw the wrong perceptions of the brand.

The Challenge

What We Did

To start, we took the site back to the drawing board, developing a new, bespoke design via Squarespace. This unique design also gave us the room to create tailored content and showcase beautiful imagery. Our team took the imagery in-house through various photography and video shoots, which ensured we could capture the images we knew would make the website pop. Our copywriters filled in the blanks with content written from scratch, and finally, through collaborative efforts with The Body Lab team, we were able to add the science back into their services.


Positioning as Industry Leaders

TBLs older website wasn’t doing its premium brand justice. The service information was limited, and there were very few calls to action (CTA) to incentivise new memberships. In such a saturated industry, we knew that this revamp had to put them on a pedestal within the said industry and position them as leaders. Understanding the niche, how their audience reacts to written and visual stimuli and understanding what CTA’s work was crucial in this process.


Bespoke Design and structure

TBLs old website resided on Squarespace. After consideration, we decided to keep it there but alter the design, allowing the client to remain familiar with the admin area of their site while benefitting from an overhaul. During the creation, we implemented custom code to improve the feel and functionality of the site, moulding it to represent TBL and their values better. We spent additional time understanding the mindset of a new user and crafting a structure/customer journey that would feel the most natural for this industry.


Content + optimization

Content is just as important as design, and in TBL’s case, perhaps even more critical due to the scientific element behind their services. We had to use some initiative here due to TBL’s older site’s limited content. We worked alongside the experts at TBL to handcraft each piece of content from scratch, accounting for the intricacies of each service and its scientific component. As a result, each page now hosts science-driven, SEO-optimised content that pre-emptively answers the user’s questions.


QA checks and Launch

Conducting meticulous quality assurance checks is a significant part of our going live process. Regardless of expertise, elements occasionally slip through the cracks, such as typos in links or design elements misaligning themselves after making amends. Our go-live process involves three steps. The first requires the leading project developer to quickly check the site to ensure functionality is working as intended. Following this, our project manager will conduct a general use test – checking links, buttons, content, etc. Finally, our design team will hone in on each design element to check alignment, formatting and general image positioning. Once all three come back with an all-clear, we can make the site live.

The Yoke team have been passionate, highly motivated and have taken the time to understand our unique business and offering to ensure we are getting the best out of the partnership. From fully managing our digital marketing, social media, creative services and website, Dan and the team have always put our needs first and are proactive in bringing to the table creative ideas that have made a huge impact. I can't recommend the Yoke team enough. Thank you for all you do.

John Attard | Managing Director
The Body Lab

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