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Blog posts can be repurposed hundreds of times, not to mention their inherent ability to increase your website’s ranking potential. This underutilised form of content marketing could be your golden ticket.
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Make your mark online with Blog Posts

Managing a blog takes significant effort and resources. Researching topics takes skill, but writing them takes sufficient time to do correctly. Yet, removing them from your content strategy could be hindering your brand’s potential.


Websites that have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages.


More indexed pages mean more ways customers can find you online, potentially drastically increasing the traffic to your website. Blog posts can also be repurposed into different content types, reposted on social media, sent through email and so on; the opportunities are limitless.

Increase site traffic: More indexed pages means more traffic to your website, including the ability to rank for specific search terms.

Improve credibility: Customers feel safe buying from you because they know you are regularly updating your website and providing valuable content.

Content Machine: Repurposing your blog posts creates an evergreen content machine that fuels itself.

Track Performance: Analyse each posts performance long-term to see which posts your audience value the most & which
brings you more traffic.

How does blog management work?

Detailed research: Our writers spend numerous hours researching your industry and relevant search terms to find openings for you to rank with well-crafted content.

Content Harmony: Working alongside other managers, our writers will help generate social, email and ad content using these high-value blog posts as a foundation.

Content optimised for search: Each post is written with search engines in mind without sacrificing reader enjoyment. We write for humans and sprinkle in some SEO.

Manual Upload: By having access to your website, we can take the management element further by manually uploading and formatting each post, saving you hours of work.

How we bring you


First Step


We take a deep dive into your brand, products, services and current social and digital analytics. Placing ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we see patterns and the user journey. We use this data to understand what queries your customers may be searching. Then, as a base, we use these ideas to formulate blog post topic ideas.

Second Step


As an extension of your core team, we look at our current successful strategies and uniquely identify how to shape them to your brand and goals. Each blog post can then be added into these strategies to amplify their reach and, as a result, the overall traffic to your website.

Third Step


Our writers bulk plan the content going out on your profile for the coming month. We give you the breathing room to be as involved in the process as you want. Our writers are always on hand should you want a specific blog post to go out; they’ll work with you to get it SEO friendly and make it as valuable as possible.

Final Step


Future-proofing your blog means each piece uploaded should be evergreen. As such, your allocated writer will work on topics that stand the test of time and can bring in traffic for years to come. The only exception being if you request a particular blog topic that isn’t evergreen.

Blog content is quite possibly the most valuable yet underutilised content you can ever create. You can easily recraft over 30 pieces of content to share to your other platforms from one post. It's a no-brainer for the traffic alone; the rest is just icing on the already perfect cake.

Kyle Juffs

Free Audit / Review

Already creating blog posts? We can provide a quick and free glaze over your content to help you understand the good, the bad and the ugly. From here we can give you some ideas of what we would do, before you sign up.

Dedicated Account Managers

Your dedicated blog writer will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. They will also make it their goal to create valuable, evergreen content while continuously expanding their knowledge on your products, customers and plans.

Pay as you grow

We charge a flat management fee to cover our core hours on the account, market research, optimisations and planning. We look at the plan requirements as your blog requirement grows, we review our packages accordingly to recoup the additional time investment from our side.

3 Month Minimum Term

We don't tie you down into long term contracts. We just ask for some patience to build the data we need. We work for retention, and as a team, we value transparent communication and intense focus, so you know the right people are on the job. If you do wish to leave, we just ask you to give us a months notice.

SEO Formatted

Our team understands the most recent SEO best practices and can format each uploaded post according to what currently works. We don't sacrifice personality in our writing, either.

In-depth research

Our writers do more than a simple Google search. Once we've understood your products/services, we do in-depth research and find niche search terms that your customers want answering. Once we've identified these gaps, we create topics that would make for valuable blog posts.

Complete Management

Three plus hours to write a blog post AND upload it yourself? We know you don't have the time for that. Instead, you can provide website admin access to our writers, and they can handle the entire process. Kick your feet up and watch as thousands of words are typed and uploaded without you having to lift a finger.

Monthly Reviews & Reports

We know how busy it is to run a business in today's age. So, we have a monthly strategy meeting to get any new news or updates from yourself, and you can quickly get back to the other areas moving your business forward. We'll get a report over to you at the end of the month containing every email marketing result.

Case Studies

Wholey Moly is on a mission to prove healthy doesn’t mean boring. They create natural plant-based & gluten-free cookies, so you can feed the craving without misbehaving. Alongside a powerful mission, Wholey Moly brings a powerful, informal tone of voice that engages its audience. While this tone of voice is significant when communicating with customers on social media, it can often prove challenging to create blog content that appeals to customers while factoring in what is required for search engines through SEO. Our writers worked alongside Wholey Moly to deliver content that did just that.

Request a free audit

We offer all potential new customers a free blog audit to provide you a subjective breakdown of what our writers think you’re doing right and wrong. We can take a look and identify how our service may help to improve the performance of your blog. If we don’t think we can help you, we will tell you.


We can provide greater, more in-depth analysis if you’re able to provide your blog post analytics, although this is not required. If not, our writers will give you some insight from their face value assessment.


If you have never uploaded a blog post, or your website doesn’t have a blog section, then let’s jump straight in and have a good chat about your goals and objectives. We can run you through what we would suggest testing and implementing to achieve those goals. Our intro calls are super casual and relaxed so be as transparent as you can so we can be realistic on what we can do.

Let us help your business GROW,
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