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Social media management has quickly taken online marketing by storm. What was once a luxury for brands has now become a requirement for success. But how can we help you find your voice online?
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Social Media Management

Social media is far more than sharing memes and laughing at cat videos. In fact, did you know?


54% of social browsers use social media to research products.


Failing to show up on social or provide the right content for your customers can quickly lead to a competitor filling in the gap and being perceived as more valuable.


Once we have identified your goals, target audience and current product/service line, we look at what platforms best support the type of content your brand is most aligned with. We prefer laser focused targeting over broad, hoping for the best marketing.

Grow your presence: Appear in front of more customers and begin to build a relationship that makes them want to buy from you time and time again.

Spread your traffic: Use multi-link technology to turn your channels into a traffic machine. Directing to platforms like your website or email.

Bolster brand awareness: Be known as a brand that supports their customers and provides valuable content, not one that only looks
for a sale.

Track Performance: Visual reporting, See your social platforms performance, engagement and post breakdown.

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How do you grow my profiles?

Authentic Engagement: Brand reputation grows as a result of engagement. We communicate with your customers authentically, with personality and purpose.

Platform knowledge: Our specialists are always on top of their game, keeping up with new updates and official changes. Your brand will be the first to adopt these.

Killer content: Our social media managers create high-quality content paired with beautiful creative from our creative partners, so your brand stands out and catches the eye of all passing users.

Long Term Relationships: Through influencer and brand marketing, we help you build long-lasting win-win relationships to further aid in ROI in the long run.

How we bring you


First Step

Research & Scope

We take a deep dive into your brand, products, services and current social and digital analytics. Placing ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we see patterns, user journeys and what does and doesn’t work. Then, our social media managers begin competitor research and planning out how to best bring out your voice.

Second Step


As an extension of your core team, we look at our current successful strategies and uniquely identify how to shape them to your brand and goals. This means standing out on social and doing things differently. Our social media managers will send over their proposed strategy for confirmation

Third Step


Our social specialists gear up each platform for swift implementation with the tone of voice perfected and strategies on hand. We give you the breathing room to be as involved in the process as you want while our specialists put our strategies into place, experiment and grow your channels. 

Final Step


After a month or two of analysing, we set our sites on future-proofing your marketing. At this stage, we should have a good idea of your baseline engagement; from here, we continuously optimise for better results. These ideas will be communicated in your monthly reports. 

Social Media is now a part of our daily lives to connect with each other, maintain relationships and source new information. Forming communities around your business and products can break boundaries and improve retention in your customers.

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Free Audit / Review

Are you currently running your social media? We can provide a quick and free glaze over your current profiles to help you understand the good, the bad and the ugly. From here, we can give you some ideas of what we would do before you sign up.

Dedicated Account Managers

Your dedicated social account manager will be on hand to answer questions you may have. They will also make it their goal to generate results from your social while continuously expanding their knowledge on your products, customers and plans.

Pay as you grow

We charge a flat management fee to cover our core hours on the account, market research, optimisations and planning. As your following and objectives grow with success and scale, we will review our package to see if you’re ready to increase or if you’d like to decrease! Easy.

30-Day Rolling Agreements

We don't tie you down into long term contracts. Just simple, rolling monthly plans. We work for retention, and as a team, we value transparent communication and intense focus, so you know the right people are on the job. If you do wish to leave, we just ask you to give us a months notice.

Conversion Tracking

We are data nerds at heart, and our social media managers aren't an exception. They'll note what metrics should be tracked, what changes from week to week, and most importantly, identify reasons why they have changed.

Full Optimisation

We squeeze as much value as possible out of our campaigns by remaining creative, reactive, and goal-driven. We optimise our campaigns weekly, ensuring all are running how we want. Otherwise, we rework them to utilise your budget better. Optimising is always a continuous process, and we pride ourselves on our adaptability.

Authentic Messaging

Our social media managers consistently check your profile for engagement. When a direct message comes through, they identify whether it's a basic request that they can handle, or something you should respond to. We never reply to messages posing as someone else.

Monthly Reviews & Reports

We know how busy it is to run a business in today's age. So, we have a monthly strategy meeting to get any new news or updates from yourself, and you can quickly get back to the other areas moving your business forward. We'll get a report over to you at the end of the month containing every email marketing result.

Case Studies

Crate to Plate brings a high-quality, sustainable production of leafy greens to urban communities, intending to deliver a higher quality of food to cities – free of any pesticides. Crate to Plate came to us with a fledgling social presence after only briefly using their Instagram account before contacting us. Hydroponic farming is a topic that isn’t generally understood too well by the average consumer, and finding ways to convey the technology to a social audience was challenging. We had just the strategy for that.

Request a free audit

We offer all potential new customers a free social media audit to give you an objective assessment of your profile’s performance. We can take a look and provide you with insight into what is going on and how our service may help improve the performance. If we don’t think we can help you, we will tell you. 

Once we’ve had a look through all currently used profiles, we will arrange a meeting to discuss the results and recommendations. If possible, transparency with your current analytics goes a long way to painting a complete image of their performance, although this is not required. 

If you aren’t currently active on social media, let’s jump straight in and have a good chat about your goals and objectives. We can run you through what we would suggest testing and implementing to achieve those goals. Our intro calls are super casual and relaxed, so be as transparent as you can so we can be realistic on what we can do. 

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