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Building Communities: WHAX

Email Marketing is one of the most valuable and cost effective digital channels to grow sales, retention and strong community loyalty. We worked with an independent candle making brand that wanted to grow a candle academy while selling their luxury candle range.

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Whax has always led with a solid product line and a warming origin story. Yet, getting that story out into the world was proving to be a challenge. Similarly, Whax’s current website wasn’t converting as well as they would have hoped. Online exposure was a critical area that needed improvement, especially if we wanted to drive traffic to other sources where consumers are more likely to convert. Whax needed something that enabled them to directly communicate with their audience and push their products in a way that was going to be seen.

The Challenge

What We Did

Maximising Whax’s total reach came as a challenge to ourselves. We needed to split a low budget into two distinctly different markets.. Looking at the available channels, products and budget, we devised a solid strategy with email marketing at the centre. Using Klaviyo, we developed multiple automated flows that would handle most of the leg work once set up. For wholesale, we focused an outreach lead-gen strategy targeting small business owners that want to venture into the candle industry or those that would like to partner. This nurture strategy proved valuable once our email flows were in full force, and the results don’t lie with a revenue growth increase of 1000% through these strategies. Their social presence also grew by an incredible 10,000%.


Demographic Analysis

Demographic analysis was arguably the essential step to this strategy. We had to ensure that we were targeting the right people with the right message, primarily because Whax’s audience was split between wholesale and retail. We spent an extended amount of time revisiting past content, past engagement and messages from customers and scouring various pages to understand what customers wanted to see.



Email Flow Conceptualization

After finalising our demographic targeting, we had a relatively good idea of what we wanted these email flows to look like. We worked closely with Whax to get access to necessary imagery, creative and content. Once obtained, we conceptualised numerous email flows that adhered to our specific audience targeting, ready to be signed off and implemented.


Email Flow Implementation

We conducted final checks throughout our flows to ensure we had all bases covered. It’s one thing to get them set up, but another to future-proof their optimisation. Our email specialists implemented each flow and tested each for accuracy and appearance. Implementing each email flow in this way can take considerable time, but it grants us the confidence to know each flow is doing what it’s meant to and is going to the right audience.


Retargeting & Optimisation

We were quickly able to see how our emails were creating an impact. The first two weeks after running these flows, we revisited our set-up and optimised the areas we felt needed additional improvement to push the results even further. Part of running emails is adapting on the fly when analytical data highlights something interesting, and this was no exception for Whax. After a few optimisations, we hit our breakthrough point, leading to Whax’s 1000% revenue increase.

After working with Dan and the team at Yoke Digital for over a year, we couldn't thank them enough for everything they've done for our business! From Search and Social Ads, Email Marketing and Copywriting to Social Media Management and Creative Services, they really have provided us with the FULL digital marketing package. We've had constant support from Dan & the team to ensure we're making to best decision for our business. I couldn't recommend Yoke Digital more - thank you!! 😁

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